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Here, you will discover an abundant content-rich community offering the latest spiritual principles and ideas in wellness and new thought.

Jennifer McLean’s dream was to take the wonderful subscribers and customers she plays with through her Healing with the Masters series, her many products, workshops and coaching programs to create a truly interactive community environment. To create a place for regular ongoing shifting, discovery and re-alignment. To take all of us to a new level of “evolvement” and love.

In fact, in January of 2009, she wrote the following (as if it had already happened) as part of her intentions for the year in business:

My intention for my business 2009:
I am so grateful that this year became such an amazing journey of openness and discovery in my business. I was able to deliver my vision through divine energy to hundreds of thousands of souls that were not only open to the information but contributed to the content… AND they further delivered it to many more through word of mouth. The membership site was a huge success with so many experiencing heart felt shifts and changes through the material offered. It became a place of safety and conversation for all who joined, and grew to include new audiences of those opening to the materials being offered by me and other contributors. The opportunity for the community to converse with one another was a blessing and a joy to my heart, showing me the possibilities for all communities of the world. I loved watching and hearing the shifts and changes members were experiencing and reveled in the moments they shared with others in the community, which triggered more openings and shifts and more sharing and so on. What a delight…

MasterWorks Healing Membership Site is the initiation of that dream.

Within this community, you will find…

  • New book launches and book reviews
  • Contributed articles
  • A Member Product area where you can post YOUR OWN PRODUCTS
  • Direct interaction with other community members
  • Powerful prayer circles
  • Jennifer’s weekly body dialoging sessions
  • FREE healing gifts available for download
  • Special guest speakers and interview series
  • Interact and heal with special Wed Contributors Mary, Libby, Dee and Caroline
  • and so much more!

This is a place of safety and conversation, insights and healing for all who join.


Jennifer McLean, Author | Speaker | Spiritualpreneur

Jennifer McLean, Author | Speaker | Spiritualpreneur

Jennifer McLean is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. As a healer, she has studied in three disciplines of energy healing including Craniosacral, her own body Dialoging technique and sound healing therapies through toning, and soul songs. She has been working in private session with clients from all over the world in person and by phone for more than 17 years offering unique solutions for living a pain-free life.

She is also a marketer and is the author of The Credibility Factor. Jennifer’s dichotomous experience as a healer and marketing professional afforded her unique insights into the multiple models people use to manage their worlds.

Jennifer’s unique body dialoging healing method was covered in Joe Vitale’s best-selling book, The Key, with over 500,000 copies sold. This book included her techniques for clearing old, unwanted beliefs, and thoughts that get stuck in the body as emotional blockages limiting expression and human potential.

Jennifer also contributed a chapter in the new book by Keith Leon, Who Do You Think You Are along with Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor and John Gray, and is also included in John Assaraf’s, The Vision Board Book.

As an author, Jennifer created The BIG Book of YOU exploring her inner spiritual world and how it works with her outer world. Throughout her life, it became clearer to her, that seeming opposites are all contained within the One. The book was born out of that perception and through word and image it juxtaposes all of life.

The BIG Book of YOU compares and explores the light and the dark of who we are. If we are all one then we are all that we see before us both “good” and “bad.” It would be valuable to acknowledge that what we perceive as bad is available to us so that we can release it, knowing it isn’t really bad, it just is. The book helps to nudge us in the direction of acknowledging the dark while celebrating the light. Keeping these concepts—dark and light—so close together in the poetry makes it energetically easier to assimilate, find balance and let go.