Welcome to your MasterWorks Healing Membership Site! This remarkable community of like-minded individuals is here to stimulate and move you to discover the next best version of YOU.

Guest Speakers

Jennifer will be doing her interview thing, offer new guests with new ideas, techniques and process to assist you in achieving your goals of health wealth and love. Guest will include the leaders in the human potential movement, best selling authors, healers, doctors, trainers, coaches and more. There will be one off interviews as well as a series of regular specialists on specific a theme. You will receive information when the lives calls are happening to join us live and interact with guests in real time, and we will let you know when the shows are available and archived for download and/or simply listening to the players.

6-Day Transformative Video Workshop with Alison Armstrong

Recently, Jennifer and Alison teamed up to create a series for MasterWorks Healing membership site where Alison is teaching her most favorite topics… old and new. Jennifer created this forum for Alison with a live audience to share these ideas with you in mind… including the principles explored in PAX’s (PAX is Alison’s company) latest program with horses — that Jennifer talks about ALL the time. This is so YOU too can travel the road to freedom and openness in all relationships that Jennifer is now experiencing.

Guest Speaker: Victoria Moran – Living A Charmed Life – February 1 Replay

If you would like to book a private coaching session with Victoria, just mention you are a member of this site,

Guest Speaker: Dr. David Daniels – The Essential Enneagram – January 18 Replay

What is an enneagram? According to Dr. Daniels, it’s a great gift that gets us to the core of old beliefs that are no longer of value. It’s a wonderful tool that places us on the path to liberation.

The enneagram consists of 9 fundamental personality styles. Basically, it’s the mapping of our brains and their observatory preferences. “It’s taught as a system of human development, self-discovery, spiritual growth and self-actualization.” {Source: www.Ennea.com}

Dr. Joe Rubino On Self Esteem Replay


Dr. Joe Rubino is one of the world’s foremost experts on the topics of Self-Esteem improvement and personal development. His 11 best-selling books and audio programs are available worldwide in 19 languages and in 48 countries. He is also an excellent trainer, coach and consultant on a variety of business and self-improvement topics.

His book “The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Boost the Most Underrated Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life” is a classic already. It has already sold well over 67,000 copies in a very short time. In addition, it has already been translated into 5 languages (and more are in the works) because of the extreme demand from all over the world.

Eva and Jeanna – Channeling Terah and YOU Replay

What a great call we had with Jeanna Gabellini and Eva Gregory. They are two powerhouse ladies with a whole lot to offer.

On this call we discussed channeling– how to do it, what it is, when you know you are ready to channel. AND they are offering a wonderful 3 month coaching program teaching an intimate group (they are only accepting 10 students) how to channel. If this is something you have always want to do and have been dabbling this is your chance to dive in.

Mark Romero/Jennifer McLean FREE Sound Vibration Call Replay

Welcome to MasterWorks Healing were you experience The Art of Life Mastery. Part of that life mastery is offering free downloadable healing calls and here we have yet another example of that. In this interview you will hear about this interesting collaboration, about how sound vibration through music works and in turn you will experience an in-the-moment channeled piece that you can use over and over for renewal and healing.

MasterWorks Healing Site – June 30 Preview Call Replay

What an amazing call for MasterWorks Healing Membership site.

The call included contributors Mary A. Hall, Healer Extraordinaire and Abundance and EFT specialist, Dee Wallace, the renowned actress who played the Mother in the movie ET and is a remarkable healer with her own I~M Healing System, Carol (Libby) Adams creator of the Transformational Meditation System who has helped literally thousands in finding their true self, and Caroline Sutherland (Medical Intuitive, Hay House Author and Nutritionist). Offering both insights from each of thier unique perspectives AND some new ways to manage your life.